The Following pages serve to introduce you to a new musical by Michael Bitterman called, THE CELLAR.

THE CELLAR deals with mature themes, namely, the sexual fetishes of five characters who represent the thousands of fetishists throughout the world who feel guilty for their obsessions.
These are people you probably know and see every day of your lives but are unaware of THE CELLAR they are forced to live in because "society and the law" frown on them.
This site contains photos-there is no sex, violence, four letter words or nudity in THE CELLAR. If you're looking for that just put on whatever is currently playing on HBO. Still, these photos may be unpleasant to look at by many people so fair warning is given.
If you feel uneasy about this subject or are under 18, I suggest you leave now and perhaps go here.
For  a key to the Cellar, email me
Otherwise, Welcome to THE CELLAR